Radio Hall of Fame broadcaster Bob Steele
was well known to millions in Southern New England as the morning voice of WTIC for half a century. His fans developed a unique attachment to him, almost as if he were a member of the family.

Bob Steele NEW!!
Bob Steeleā€™s Century
by Phil Steele

The life of the Radio Hall of Fame announcer
who entertained four generations of New
Englanders over WTIC in his own words,
photos and humor, the articles about him, letters from listeners, and more.

Bob Steele
A Voice For The Ages

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Bob Steele
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There was an event going on at a church, and a mother and her little daughter Shelley were going into the church, and everybody was signing the guest book. Along came a woman of the cloth, and the mother said to the daughter, "Wait 'til the nun signs, Shelley."